Bangladesh Bank and BSEC approved Credit Rating Agency for SMEs.

The Bangladesh Rating Agency Ltd (BDRAL), a subsidiary of Dun & Bradstreet South Asia Middle East Ltd., is the pioneer in rating the SME sectors in Bangladesh.

SMEs are the power house of the developing economy of Bangladesh and so to turn Bangladesh into a middle-income nation, the SME sector is the only alternative which can help the country to achieve the feat.

Having congruence with the mentioned pragmatic approach, BDRAL SME ratings aim to address the challenges faced by bank in SME lending and took the initiative to assist the financiers to provide a comfort level for increasing the financing in the SME sector.

BDRAL has launched its SME ratings in Bangladesh following a successful pilot phase carried out in the year 2009.

The Bangladesh Rating Agency Limited (BDRAL) rating framework considers a number of financial and non financial parameters of the enterprise and regulations and industry specific dynamics.

BDRAL believes that the industry in which an SME operates has a direct bearing on the overall performance of the SME and therefore rates SMEs based on industry benchmarks.

BDRAL Rating is a comprehensive assessment of the enterprise taking into consideration the overall financial and non financial performance of the subject company vis à vis the other peers in the industry in the same line of business and size criteria.

The company strives for analytic excellence at all times, evaluate its rating criteria, methodologies and procedures on a regular basis, and modify or enhance them as necessary to respond to the needs of the Bangladesh’s markets.

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